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We are Sang Nila Robotica

A proud worldwide partner and sole global distributor for  Alliance for CoSpace Robot Education (A-CoRE)  certified products.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sang Nila consists of four main divisions:

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 Consulting & Services 

 C&S Division 


 Education & Training 

E&T Division


 Products & Solutions 

P&S Division


Research & Development

R&D Division



 Sang Nila Consulting & Services (C&S) Division 

Commits their finest people, resources and innovations to ensure their clients get the best advice, support and ideas so that clients have their best foot forward thus ensuring that their goals are satisfactorily met.

Sang Nila C&S has significant depth of experience in organizing many major robotic & AI events as well as competitions.



 Sang Nila Products & Solutions (P&S) Division 

Manages sales and is dedicated to providing robotic & AI solutions such as but not limited to development, system integration and customization to its clients.

Sang Nila’s current line of products include:

  1. AvatarMind iPal humanoid robot

  2. Dobot Magician robotic arms (A-CoRE Certified)

  3. CsBot-Q1 educational robot (A-CoRE Certified)

  4. CsBot-M1 educational robot (A-CoRE Certified)

  5. VRBOT-D1 educational robot (A-CoRE Certified)

  6. Official A-CoRE certified CoSpace Teaching & Learning Packages

  7. Official A-CoRE certified CoSpace Competition Platforms



 Sang Nila Education & Training (E&T) Division 

Works with some of the best world class educators to come up with high quality Teaching & Learning Packages to make STEAM learning engaging and competitions challenging. Besides creating quality contents, Sang Nila E&T also delivers top notch training and education to students, users and robot enthusiasts.

Since Sang Nila’s inception, Sang Nila E&T has actively conducted numerous training for primary students, secondary students and working adults in Singapore.



Sang Nila Research & Development (R&D) Division

Is made up of researchers, scientists and engineers in the field of robotics & AI, some of whom are in the fore front of their field. Sang Nila R&D focuses most of its resources in the field of robotics & AI to spearhead new technology, innovations and applications.

Sang Nila actively collaborates with various partners in providing robotic solutions to industrial and commercial applications. Team Sang Nila has successfully designed and implemented:

  1. System integration projects to install customized customer service robots in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

  2. Industry 4.0 automation projects using robotic arms in Thailand and China.

  3. Educational robots for robotics & AI training in 40+ countries and regions such as: Singapore, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, Russia, Thailand, UAE, Malaysia, UK…

  4. Educational & customer service robots for a major Singapore National Heritage Board museum. 

Many members of Team Sang Nila are actively involved in RoboCup and have many years of experience in taking part and doing Singapore proud by winning medals in various major international robotic competitions.


Team Sang Nila looks forward to working with you on our next project.





We are Sang Nila Robotica, Connect Global Minds, Unlock Individual Potential